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Insecurity: Philanthropist Urges FG To Create Jobs For Niger Delta Youths


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Deborah Ukaumunna

A philanthropist, James Martins, has urged the Federal Government to address the high rate of unemployment among youths in the Niger Delta.

Martins, who operates an oil and gas company in the Niger Delta, made the appeal after he was honoured as the philanthropist of the year during the West Africa Media Community Award (WAMCA) organised by West Africa Media Network in Lagos.

He said unemployment in the Niger Delta is the cause of crime and youth restiveness in the region and warned that unless joblessness is addressed, kidnapping and other violent crimes would not subside.

“It is not about Abuja alone, but to give people job that can make them earn a decent living. There are things we can do internationally and government should look inward because the people of Niger Delta are capable hands that can handle certain things but the government did not reach out to them, but only concentrate on politicians.

“My organisation provide services to multinational oil and gas company in Delta and we always appreciate giving back to society. Am a product of society and I believe in giving back and anything called award is recognition of what I have done. How much can a company like mine can do? That is why we need urgent intervention from the government.

“It is when the youths know that there is future that they can listen to any kind of advice, whether in form of sensitisation. If we give them jobs, they will not derail from their primary purpose of existence. But an idle mind is devil’s workshop. We should keep the youths busy.”

Source; The Sun Nigeria